Pacific One Sourcing

Managed Manufacturing Solutions

Offshore manufacturing and sourcing in China and Taiwan directed by US-based professional sales and program management.

We have offices on-site in Asia to help supervise quality and program success.  We provide 20 years of offshore manufacturing experience.

We can help you to reduce costs with quality manufacturing in ISO 9000, TS 1643 and ISO 14001 certified facilities.

We service the following industries: 

  • business machine 
  • industrial
  • medical 
  • heavy equipment
  • automotive 
  • consumer products

Contact us for the following custom manufacturing needs:

  • Injection/Insert Molding
  • Custom Mold Building
  • Castings Investment/Die
  • Machining
  • Cable Assembly
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Custom Connectors
  • Magnets

Pacific One Sourcing
Duncan M. Frame
(585) 454-9253

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